Rita Kim

Rita Kim, Advanced Math , Rate $25.00/Hr

I am Experienced Tutor for High School Math and Science. I am a student of University of British Columbia and can help you with math and science homework assignments and math of all levels from grade 5 to grade 12. My rate: $25 / hours. Thanks

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Jury K

Jury K, Advanced Math , Rate $20.00/Hr

I am experienced High School Math Tutor. Rate: $20 / hour I provide tutorial services for the following subjects: Math 8 Math 9, Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10, Foundations of Math 11, Pre-Calculus 11, Apprenticeship and Workplace 11, Pre-Calculus 12, Foundations of Math 12, Calculus 12

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Samuel Woodburn

Samuel Woodburn, Algebra , Rate $25.00/Hr

I am offering tutoring in Mathematics (Algebra) and my rate is 25$/hour. I am an experienced tutor with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Water and Resources with Minor in Computing from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada

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Shabi Javaheri

Shabi Javaheri, Calculus , Rate $25.00/Hr

I have a very strong background in Mathematics and Physics which make it very easy for me to tutor students and help them to have a better understanding of Math/Physics. Rate: $25 / our. I have been tutoring students from grade 3 to 12 and I find a very delightful to see them happy once they understand a subject. EDUCATION: 1) Delft University of Technology, Netherlands; 2) University of British Columbia, Canada

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Waheed Khan

Waheed Khan, Calculus , Rate $25.00/Hr

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alok mishra

alok mishra, Algebra , Rate $20.00/Hr

am an experienced online tutor. I have been associated with online tutoring for more than five years. I have conducted more than 10,000 online sessions in , Calculus, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Pre Algebra. It has been awesome experience tutoring online and I always get a good review from the student for assisting them in their course.

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Maria Cordero

Maria Cordero, Chemistry , Rate $25.00/Hr

Chemistry student. (Last year.). Rate: $20 / hour. High school diploma on science. Spanish native speaker. Fluent in English and catalán.

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Husnain Adil

Husnain Adil, Chemistry , Rate $25.00/Hr

Enthusiastic and energetic, $25 / hour . Education: University of Auckland (New Zealand), Bachelor of Optometry (Honours). Secondary Education: Mount Albert Grammar School. I love teaching others what I know. My specialties include Mathematics and Chemistry. I am easy to talk to and I can communicate my ideas quite well.

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Alexandra kim

Alexandra kim, Literature , Rate $15.00/Hr

Hello, I'm a tutor for people ages 5 to 10 in English. My goal is to teach people who might be a situation where English is their second language. I will teach in new and creative ways to make sure that your time with me will be well spent. If you would like to tutor with me it won't cost you very much. My lessons are only 10$ per an hour. We can discus tutoring hours later. I hope I become your tutor and thank you :)

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steven  ospina

steven ospina, Speech Lessons , Rate $20.00/Hr

i lived in london ,england for 30 years and speak and communicate in a very high level of english. Rate: $20 / hour. i speak with an english accent and am easy to get along with. i am patient and can repeat myself ten times if i have to and still do it with a smile .i will let you know exactly what you need to be where you need to be . Education: London business school . holborn london ,uk , degree in business management and communications

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Karen  Ramirez Sanders

Karen Ramirez Sanders , ESL , Rate $15.00/Hr

Hi! My name is Karen, I've been an English teacher for 9 years, that's my passion but I also have a bachelor's degree in Marketing. I'll be happy to help you out with Grammar, reading or any certification you may need. I'm very patient with my students. My rate is $15 per hour.

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Arielle Meimoun

Arielle Meimoun, Essay Writing , Rate $20.00/Hr

Graduate from The George Washington University in 2015 with a Bachelors in Psychology. Writing and editing is my job and passion. Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Writing – Awarded by Scholastic Inc. Rate: $20 / hour

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Jordan Sprague

Jordan Sprague, Proofreading , Rate $20.00/Hr

Hi, I'm Jordan and I'm from Wentworth, Nova Scotia. I currently own my own business focusing on marketing, communications and writing. I also act as board chair and president for the Wentworth Learning Centre which develops and offers educational programming and opportunities for people of all ages. I am a graduate of Ryerson University's Bachelor of Journalism program where I specialized in writing for television news. Rate: $20 / hour

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Daniel  Khaiba

Daniel Khaiba, ESL , Rate $20.00/Hr

Hello Student ! Im Daniel an English teacher from a family of teachers. I have ten years English teaching experience as a conversational English teacher. My lessons are fun and i introduce new topics. The emphasis is on talking. I also promise to help you all I can and I will improve your English quickly. Kind regards Daniel

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Mercy Njiru

Mercy Njiru, Essay Writing , Rate $15.00/Hr

I have over six years experience working in this capacity and as indicated on my resume, I am also completely conversant with the various writing styles (APA, MLA, Havard, Chicago). I am able to write/edit literature review on proposal and research paper; write/edit short discussion papers; and write/edit proposals/essay (Abstract, Introduction, Body etc.).

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Jessica Quintana

Jessica Quintana, Reading , Rate $6.00/Hr

I've been studying English as a second language since I was child. I have experience in teaching it of two years. I can also teach Spanish. I've been working with kids (mostly English native speakers) on Spanish lessons

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Sebastian Gomez

Sebastian Gomez, TOEFL , Rate $20.00/Hr

I perfectly speak Spanish and English. I've had the opportunity of learning several more languages so I know what is needed to learn it the best possible.

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Lisa Mainov

Lisa Mainov, German , Rate $15.00/Hr

I am a German native speaker and would be glad to help with German Language tutoring at any level. My charge: $15 / hour

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yonatan itshaki

yonatan itshaki, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

israeli living in mexico proficient in spanish english and hebrew. Rate: $15 / hour. i have a lot of patience for my students and i make sure yu will have fun with in the class

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María García

María García, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

I have more than ten year experience teaching Spanish and my rate is $20/hour. I have taught Spanish at the University of Houston and at Jeff Davis High School in Houston, Texas. I developed innovative Spanish Language curriculum to instruct individual students, small groups, and classes of 30+ students. I am a Certified Teacher for Spanish and Bilingual teacher in Texas, USA. I have my bachelor in Business and specialized in Finance.

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Juana Ruiz

Juana Ruiz, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

Native spanish speaker tutor $10 / hour.

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Carmen Rivera

Carmen Rivera, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

I'm a Spanish native speaker and I study Modern Languages (English and French). Rate: $15 / hour. Currently, I'm in my 4th year. I've taught French for beginners, worked as translator (English-Spanish) and worked as assistant in Education USA Venezuela.

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juan  esquivel

juan esquivel, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

I am looking for new students learning new languages. Contact me and request a trial lesson - let's make a plan for you! I am interested in people of differents levels students who will take lessons . Profesor de español y portugues Independiente 2014 - actualidad Florianopolis-SC y Araraquara.SP Brasil. He tenido experiencia como profesor de español y portugués en dos ciudades brasileñas tanto a brasileros como extranjeros que querian aprender un poco sobre la cultura hispánica y la cultura brasileña. Rate:$20 / hour

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Hugo Cortés Rivera

Hugo Cortés Rivera, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

I'm a 23 year old graduate passionate about languages, culture, and spicy food from around the world. I worked as a consultant for the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs. With two internationally recognized degrees (International Relations, and Sociology) and with over two years of tutoring experience, I am the best option to help you succeed! Rate: $20 / hour

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Romain Barbaray

Romain Barbaray, French , Rate $0.00/Hr

Hi there! My name is Romain, i am a native French speaker. I would love to share my culture to you, and to show you how french is simple. Let's pratice together, let's speak french together ! Rate: $20 / hour

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Brenda Rojas

Brenda Rojas, Spanish , Rate $0.00/Hr

Bilingual with native proficiency in Spanish and English. One on one lessons with students of all levels of English. Prepare students for English language tests and certification. Education: Industrial and systems engineering Psychology courses. Administration and human resources diplomas Experience in those fields as well. Rate: $15 / hour

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Paul Rakotondrasoa

Paul Rakotondrasoa, French , Rate $20.00/Hr

I am offering tutoring in French ( basic conversation and grammar) and my rate is US$ 10 for half an hour. I am a native French speaker and I live in the great area of Paris. I have completed my Master of Engineering in France , and specialize in IT and computer science. Besides, I hold an MBA in manage ment from a French business school. I am currently working as IT consultant with 30+ years of experience in France and Canada.

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Francisco Moulia

Francisco Moulia, Spanish , Rate $18.00/Hr

Hi! I am a native Spanish speaker that have been teaching for ten years. I am also a writer with three novels published in Argentina. For the past four years I´ve been teaching online. My rate per hour is 18 dollars. I prepare the lessons to fullfill the expectative of the student.

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Ezequiel  Diaz

Ezequiel Diaz, Spanish , Rate $20.00/Hr

I fix with the student a level that he/she wants to achieve, and we start working since day one, having fun during the process (which is the most important), enjoying this beautiful language and Spanish

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Norma Gonzalez

Norma Gonzalez, Spanish , Rate $15.00/Hr

Master in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I have been a Spanish Teacher since 1991. I am Mexican and I have a Master Degree in Teaching Spanish. My classes are tailored to fit your learning pace. Say yes, and start now. Bienvenidos.

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Rubi Bolivar

Rubi Bolivar, Spanish , Rate $20.00/Hr

Hello, I'm a native Spanish teacher and my teaching style is cool and fun. I've been teaching since I was 15 years old. Ph.D. Psychology, Master Business Management, Bachelor Business Manage

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David  Garcia

David Garcia, Spanish , Rate $20.00/Hr

University Professor of English with over 15 years of experience specialized in the English Language Teaching field at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. A determined, goal-oriented person who pays attention to details, used to dealing with small and large groups of people of any kind, to taking chances and thriving on new challenges. I am able to speak Spanish at a native level as well English. And Brazilian Portuguese at an intermediate level.

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Marbella Curi

Marbella Curi, Spanish , Rate $15.00/Hr

Originally from Peru, and she is familiar with the Spanish from Spain and from Latin America too. She has been teaching Spanish and English as a second language via online and face-to-face to international students of all levels and ages too. She is commited, friendly but professional language teacher. She firmly believes that a combination of her natural Spanish speaking skills, a valuable international teaching experience for more than 6 years; working as a native Spanish tutor. In addition to being a TEFL teacher; all make her an experienced and inspirational teacher.

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Mercedes CArruido

Mercedes CArruido, Spanish , Rate $15.00/Hr

I am a Venezuelan , Bachelor degree. With more than 20 years of experience. I like to travel and enjoy other cultures, because of that . I had taken several English courses and Portuguese in other to have more jobs opportunities, meet people and improve my knowledge. As a "on line" student , I can understand very well the methodology and improve it. All languages are important, Spanish is a very interesting one!

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Marina BARBOZA, Spanish , Rate $20.00/Hr

I am a lawyer, specialist in Law, Customs, Administrative Law, Tax Management, Specialization in International Business Diploma in Strategic Business in Difficult Situations

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Carlos Lerna

Carlos Lerna, Spanish , Rate $15.00/Hr

Hello, I´m philologist in Spanish and I have eight year experience teaching the language, supporting technical translation and proofreading. I have worked in several medical and educational institution

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Eloisa  Etxebarria

Eloisa Etxebarria, Spanish , Rate $25.00/Hr

I have been 14 years teaching Spanish in Ireland. I useca communicative methodology and I have developed my own methodology based on drama

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Henry Cadena

Henry Cadena, Spanish , Rate $17.00/Hr

Over 8 years of experience in business management and administrative procedures. Strong background in budgetary and expenses planning Proven skills in resolving service issues in a timely manner. Demonstrated ability to Delegate work to office support staff Professional communication skills include fluency in Spanish and English, and basic knowledge of French. Computer skills include: - MS Office, internet and email - SAP ERP

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Delfina Tertzakian

Delfina Tertzakian, Spanish , Rate $25.00/Hr

I am a 27 years old argentinian girl. I've studied literature in the University of Buenos Aires and I've been teaching literature and Spanish for over 7 years now. I've worked both as a private tutor and as a teacher in primary and secondary schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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María Herrero Capitanich

María Herrero Capitanich, Spanish , Rate $30.00/Hr

Hi! I am an Argentinian professor. I love teaching and learning as well. I think that studying any language can help us to open our minds and think differently.

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Paula Briones

Paula Briones, Spanish , Rate $20.00/Hr

 MA in Hispanic Studies / BA in English / TESL Certification  Teaching experience with children, teens and adults of diverse backgrounds  Designed, adapted and planned courses according to students’ specific needs and preferences  Ability to guide, motivate and stimulate students’ learning process I firmly believe that every student deserves committed teachers who are passionate about their profession and as a teacher. With more than two years of experience in elementary, high school, university and private institutions, I have helped many students of different ages and backgrounds improving their language skills. In addition, my experience in Curriculum Design allows me to customize my lessons according to my students' different needs and learning styles. From my students I have received comments and feedback such as: “Paula is absolutely wonderful, patient, clear, welcoming, approachable and of course knowledgeable!” “Very kind and approachable teacher. She made the course interesting and fun…I would definitely recommend to another student”. I will be happy to help you learn or improve your Spanish Skills!

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Inés Sánchez Escobar

Inés Sánchez Escobar, Spanish , Rate $15.00/Hr

I am a Spanish student about to start a degree in English and Spanish at university and would like to help people learn my mother tongue language, Spanish.

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Anastasia Kim

Anastasia Kim, Accounting , Rate $60.00/Hr

Specializations: financial accounting, cost accounting, finance courses. Rate $60/hour. Chartered Professional Accountant of British Columbia (CPA designation). University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business (Diploma in Accounting). Consult: Accounting assistance, financial reporting and analysis, accounting research, budgeting and forecasting, legacy system support, internal auditing, acquisition or divestiture support, and special project implementation. Senior Associate. NY, USA

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Asad Ali

Asad Ali, Finance , Rate $30.00/Hr

Hello Perspective students and parents, I am offering tutoring service in Economics ( Micro and Macro ) and my rate is 35$/hour. I have completed my Masters in Economics. I am a Cambridge university certified Economics teacher as well, my specialization is only in Economics. I have 9 years of experience in teaching economics at different international schools and colleges. I can teach AP Economics, IB Economics, O-levels and A-levels Economics (micro and macro both). I have also worked with different international schools and colleges as curriculum designing member. I worked as a paper setter team member at different International schools and colleges.

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Hugo Morales

Hugo Morales, Digital Music , Rate $20.00/Hr

Music composer and audio engineer. Rate: $20 / hour. Graduated from Mexico State Music Conservatory and Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education

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Ronak Desai

Ronak Desai, Programming , Rate $25.00/Hr

I'm offering tutoring in core programming, advanced .net programming, concurrent / parallel programming website development, mvc, webapi, wcf services, systems / frameowrk design, sql and database design. Rate: $25 / hour. I have been in technology industry for a decade now. I have very diversified profile as I have worked on number of unique projects and played different roles. I’ve officially worked as a tutor at University for following subject: Programming for beginners (Level I), Data Modelling and Analysis (Level 2), Advance .Net Programming (Level 3), Database design and performance issues (Level 3). Education: Masters in Information Technology from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne.

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Rikis Salinas

Rikis Salinas, Electrical , Rate $25.00/Hr

Hello my name is Rikis Z. Salinas Canadian-Mexican resident in British Columbia, Canada. I am Certified Engineering Technologist in Electronic AScT in Electronics (Applied Science Technologist), and student in Electronics Bachelor in Technology Program. In addition I have Bachelors degree, Electronic and Communications Engineer, University Iberoamericana. I can help you in English or Spanish language. Rate: $25 / hour

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Arielle Meimoun

English (Essay Writing)

Ronak Desai

Software (Programming)

Husnain Adil

Science (Chemistry)

Karen Ramirez Sanders

English (ESL)

New York: