Tutoring job online

Benefits of being an online tutor

Tutor from anywhere:
Using the GoalTutors platform you can teach from your dorm, a coffee shop or even home. All you need is internet access.
Flexible hours:
When tutoring someone you can set your own schedule.
teach from your dorm, a coffee shop or even home

Good Pay:
The salary you make as a tutor will most likely be higher than the hourly wage you receive from other part-time jobs.
Impressive listing for a resume:
Unlike a restaurant waiter or working as a cash register, tutoring is academic in nature. Acquiring a position that relates to your academic studies will give you a great advantage over your competitors when you start to apply for internships and other professional opportunities.

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Become a tutor

How it works:
Online tutoring at www.goaltutors.com is similar to a regular teaching job but your classroom is a chat room or a video/phone conference. Based on your teaching experience you can develop and tailor your own style of online tutoring or you can use our recommendations. We send all our tutors comprehensive tips of teaching efficiently using various online tools.
Online tutoring at www.goaltutors.com How to become a tutor:
If you want to become a tutor at www.goaltutors.com, please register at Become a tutor link. Choose your tutoring disciplines, your hourly rate, your schedule, and pass the GoalTutors application process to start tutoring right away. When your tutoring account is activated you will be able to view student tutoring requests. Select and accept a tutoring request that you are able to manage, and start a tutoring session by following the instruction on your tutoring account.

Pricing and Payment

How you are paid:
When you create your tutoring account you are required to set your hourly rate. When a student requests your tutoring assistance based on you hourly rate you are paid 80% of the tutoring payment minus a 3% transaction fee (PayPal fee).
A student can also submit a request to the general tutoring pool stating the price that they are willing to pay. If you see that you are capable of providing the required tutoring help and are satisfied with the offered price, you can accept the tutoring request. When tutoring assistance has been provided, you as tutor get 80% minus 3% (transaction fee) of the amount paid through GoalTutors.

create your tutoring account you are required to set your hourly rate

Method of payment:
We use PayPal to transfer a tutor’s earning. If for some reason you wish to receive payment through an alternative method, please contact our support department for assistance.

Why should you online tutor with us

Get help the moment you need it at www.goaltutors.com

Get help the moment you need it

Our tutors are available 24/7 to help you with different subjects whether it's 3 am or 3 pm. If you need quick help with a homework assignment, just enter or upload your question and one of our tutors will be happy to help you. You can also request a long term tutor based on your schedule.

Start working with a great tutor www.goaltutors.com

Start working with a great tutors

Goal Tutors Enterprise requires certification for all recruited tutors. All our tutors prove their qualification by providing different types of achievement documents, such as proof of education, recommendation letters and etc. Check our tutors rating scores to find the best tutor for you.

Tutoring at an affordable price www.goaltutors.com

Tutoring at an affordable price

Save your time and money using our online tutoring service. Modern technology allows our tutors to help from their offices and homes cutting out transportation fees. This allows our tutors to charge less compared to in person tutoring at a location.

Learn with the best tutor

Learn with the best tutor

All our tutors have significant teaching experience and have academic and professional achievements in their fields. They passed our company certification process and have outstanding recommendations.

Homework or personal tutor at www.goaltutors.com

Homework or personal tutor

Our certified tutors can help you with a homework assignment or provide you with long term tutoring. We have excellent tutors for any level of education, from grade 5 to fourth year of university.

Pay As You Go for tutoring

Pay As You Go

No commitments. Just pay for the help on your homework assignment, tutoring or consulting services that you need. We stand by a simple policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

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