Frequently Asked Questions

About Goal Tutors

Question: What is
Answer: is a unique place where you can get help on a homework assignment or request long term tutoring. We provide a platform where high-level tutors can individually tutor you in high school and university subjects.

Question: Who are your tutors?
Answer: Our tutors are highly qualified specialists in various subjects such as math, science, social studies, languages etc... Goal Tutors Enterprise requires certification for all our tutors, who prove their qualifications by providing different types of achievement documents, such as proof of a certain level of education, recommendation letters etc. You can also check out our tutor’s rating scores and customer reviews to find the best tutor for you. Our tutors - highly qualified specialists in various fields of mathematics, science, social study, different languages

Question: What are the benefits of being an online tutor?
Answer: There are many befits to being an online tutor such as flexible hours, convenience, good pay and an impressive resume listing. To find out more please refer to our Become a tutor page.

Question: How can I become a tutor?
Answer: Register with us at Become a tutor.. Choose your own price rate. Advertise to students about your skills and tutor on your terms, anytime from anywhere.

Question: What is the Tutor Score?
Answer: The Tutor Score is a five stars evaluation system of our tutors at GoalTutors. It is the most important information about a tutor, because it informs students how well others have rated the tutor in the past based on their experience. The stars are awarded for performance during tutoring sessions. Each time a session is finished, the student is able to leave feedback about the tutor’s performance and rate the tutor’s work.

How it works

Question: How to request tutor assistance?
Answer: Choose the subject that you want help for. It could be a homework assignment or a long term tutoring request. If you have a hard copy version of your assignment you can take a picture or scan it and upload it into the system. Select what you believe is the fair cost for your tutoring assistance with the Urgency and Complexity price slide runners. When you submit your tutoring help request at the main page the first available tutor of your desired discipline will accept your request and start to answer your question via chat or video conference at the specified time. If you want to request tutoring help from the certain tutor, choose from the Tutor List. Select the “Choose by tutor” button or Our Tutors link. Choose the tutor you like and enter your tutoring request and press the SUBMIT button.

Question: How does video/phone tutoring work?
Answer: When requesting a tutoring session over a video conference or phone call you just need to type a brief description of your question (task) or upload an electronic copy of your assignment. Then you will be asked to provide your Skype ID or phone number and specify up to 5 different time options when you’d prefer to have tutoring session. If you request help from a specific tutor for the first time specify as many possible time options as possible so that the tutor can have flexibility when trying to accommodate with your request. How the video – phone tutoring work When the tutor contacts you and has assisted with your assignment you will be asked to close the session and select a Tutor Score. You can request tutoring assistance from the General Pool of tutors without specifying any certain tutor or you can select a specific tutor. The Goal Tutors experts will contact you over Skype or phone number at the appointed time.

Pricing and Payment

Question: How much does the tutoring cost?
Answer: The cost of a tutor session starts from $5 for help on a homework assignment to $100 for a big project or multiple tutoring sessions on a regular basis. You can see how much a tutor charges per hour on their user profiles to estimate your tutoring cost. Lets say that it will take about 30 minutes to complete your assignment and the tutor you selected charges $20 per hour, then set the price as $10 for your tutoring session. How much does the tutor assistance cost?

Question: How can I pay for a tutoring session?
Answer: We accept VISA, Master Card and Bank Card though PayPal. Please contact us if you wish to use any other method of payment that is not listed above.

Question: What should I do if I am not satisfied with the provided tutoring assistance?
Answer: If you are not satisfied with your tutoring session please contact us. We will restore your account balance and will offer you an alternative tutor. We stand by a “Money back guaranteed” policy.

Question: Can I pay for a tutoring after a lesson?
Answer: No. All students are required to pay before their tutoring session. You can pay the minimum $10 for a tutor request as a trial lesson. If you are not satisfied with the provided tutoring assistance you can ask to replace your tutor or request a refund.

Why should you online tutor with us

Get help the moment you need it at

Get help the moment you need it

Our tutors are available 24/7 to help you with different subjects whether it's 3 am or 3 pm. If you need quick help with a homework assignment, just enter or upload your question and one of our tutors will be happy to help you. You can also request a long term tutor based on your schedule.

Start working with a great tutor

Start working with a great tutors

Goal Tutors Enterprise requires certification for all recruited tutors. All our tutors prove their qualification by providing different types of achievement documents, such as proof of education, recommendation letters and etc. Check our tutors rating scores to find the best tutor for you.

Tutoring at an affordable price

Tutoring at an affordable price

Save your time and money using our online tutoring service. Modern technology allows our tutors to help from their offices and homes cutting out transportation fees. This allows our tutors to charge less compared to in person tutoring at a location.

Learn with the best tutor

Learn with the best tutor

All our tutors have significant teaching experience and have academic and professional achievements in their fields. They passed our company certification process and have outstanding recommendations.

Homework or personal tutor at

Homework or personal tutor

Our certified tutors can help you with a homework assignment or provide you with long term tutoring. We have excellent tutors for any level of education, from grade 5 to fourth year of university.

Pay As You Go for tutoring

Pay As You Go

No commitments. Just pay for the help on your homework assignment, tutoring or consulting services that you need. We stand by a simple policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our service.

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